Trends in Cell Biology 종설논문 게재 (06.08.2024)

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고재원 교수님께서 엄지원 교수님과 공저한 종설논문이 Cell Press 리뷰 전문 잡지인 Trends in Cell Biology (IF: 19.0)에 6월 8일 온라인 게재되었습니다. 


Multifarious astrocyte–neuron dialog in shaping neural circuit architecture

  • Khai H. Ngoc,
  • Younghyeon Jeon,
  • Jaewon Ko,
  • Ji Won Um

First published: June 08, 2024
Astrocytes are multifaceted glial cell types that perform structural, functional, metabolic, and homeostatic roles in the brain. Recent studies have revealed mechanisms underlying the diversity of bidirectional communication modes between astrocytes and neurons – the fundamental organizing principle shaping synaptic properties at tripartite synapses. These astrocyte–neuron interactions are critical for the proper functioning of synapses and neural circuits. This review focuses on molecular mechanisms that direct these interactions, highlighting the versatile roles of multiple adhesion-based paths that likely modulate them, often in a context-dependent manner. It also describes how astrocyte-mediated processes go awry in certain brain disorders and provides a timely insight on the pivotal roles of astrocyte–neuron interactions in synaptic integrity and their relevance to understanding and treating neurological disorders.



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